Show Notes

It's high time we pulled back the veil on the darkened narrative of racism and its impact on people of color. Today's episode is a deep-dive into how history has been manipulated, and the damaging half-truths that have resulted. We look at how these distortions have permeated our collective consciousness, and challenge you to explore deeply ingrained biases and insecurities. 

As we expose the harsh realities of racism and the psychological effects it has, we also shine a light on the potential for change. This is not about being 'non-racist', but 'anti-racist', fully understanding and confronting white privilege and its implications. We examine the laws limiting the movements of people of color and the reaction of white nationalists in attempting to rewrite history - but we also invite you to be a part of the solution.

Finally, we encourage you to join us in the journey toward empathy and understanding. We discuss the power of confession, the importance of open dialogue, and the strength in recognizing our shared human experience. Together, we can challenge the narrative, expose lies, and shape a more nuanced understanding of our history. Tune in and let's move towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

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