Show Notes

Have you ever stopped to ponder how your personal experiences, upbringing, and societal biases have shaped you? Join  Antowan and I as we engage in a candid appraisal of these weighty topics from our diverse perspectives. Drawn from shared experiences such as communal meals and my upbringing on the South Side of  Milwaukee (in the 60’s and 70’s) and Antowan’s on the South side of Chicago (in the 1980s), we unravel how societal narratives have both challenged and enriched us.

Our conversation ventures into the realm of racial bias, inequality, and political exploitation of crime, casting a light on the harmful effects of negative portrayals of black people in the media. Together with Antowan we confront the “elephant in the room” - issues like Christian nationalism, masculinity in the church, and systemic issues that have disproportionately affected black people. We question societal norms and invite our listeners to join us in this quest for truth.

Yet, our conversation is not just about dissecting problems. We propose solutions too. From breaking down social etiquette barriers to creating opportunities for disadvantaged youth, we explore practical ways to uplift communities. As we reflect on our own experiences and our journey, we underscore the importance of regular communication, hoping that our dialogue will inspire listeners to engage in deeper contemplation on these themes. Tune in to our spirited discussion, and join us in fostering empathy and unity through conversation.

Thanks for listening. Please check out our website at www.forsauk.com to hear great conversations on topics that need to be talked about. In these times of intense polarization we all need to find time to expand our Frame of Reference.

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