Show Notes

Prepare to be enlightened by the inspiring Justin Janowski, a seasoned leader and coach. Justin, who was born and raised in Mukwonago, WI and has a fondness for the color blue, shares his journey of establishing the groundbreaking organization, Faith2Faith Influence, designed to empower “coaches” to build their dream businesses and amplify their impact.

As we stroll down the lanes of nostalgia, we explore the magic of childhood, the wonders of technology, and our shared passion for Elon Musk's Tesla. We then steer the conversation towards the essence of leadership, underscoring the role of humility and impact of words in shaping a leader's influence. Grappling with terms like "literally," we delve into the nuances of communication and how it can often be misinterpreted, while also emphasizing the importance of context in communication.

Switching gears, we examine the art of influence and sales, where Justin imparts wisdom on the fine line between teaching someone and aiding them. He shares his philosophies on sales, honed through countless conversations and mentorships, underscoring the importance of an authentic leadership voice. We wrap up our discussion by drawing an intriguing parallel between influence and manipulation in sales coaching, with Justin’s key takeaway being that success requires faith and persistence. Join us for this enlightening conversation, packed with invaluable insights and wisdom.

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