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Join us as we host Andy McNeill, the remarkable founder of AMI, a hospitality giant that takes corporate meetings beyond the conference room. His keen eye for detail and knack for relationship building has made him a sought-after figure among Fortune 500 companies. From his love for Asian wonton soup to his fondness for the band Queen, he pulls back the curtain to reveal the man behind the successful enterprise.

McNeil lets us in on his journey, explaining how his high school and college experiences laid the foundation for a career that's built on strong relationships and a cool head under pressure. He shares invaluable insights on identifying the right people for your team, creating a positive in-person culture, and managing the unique dynamics that come with in-person meetings. McNeill's tips on fostering real relationships and diffusing tense situations are gold nuggets you wouldn't want to miss. Discover how a passionate hospitality expert navigates the corporate world and builds bridges that stand the test of time. Prepare to be inspired!

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