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Ever wondered why Silicon Valley Bank took that risky decision or where the Peer-to-Peer model stumbled? Buckle in as we journey through an era of transformational changes in the banking sector with Emmanuel, the author of 'The Great Transition: Personalization of Finances Here'. We challenge the norms, revealing how digitizing the deposit business is reshaping wealth creation and confronting the evolution of familiar financial products. 

Don't miss out on our intense discussion on the societal implications of the platform economy as we grapple with questions of artificial intelligence and ethics. We question the fabric of our rules and regulations, exploring their power to both enable and restrict our freedoms. From the role of influencers in the digital world to the impact of the metaverse, we leave no stone unturned. 

Together with Emmanuel, we raise thought-provoking questions and seek answers, leading us to ponder the influence of icons in the network world and the transformative power of fiction in shaping new realities. By the end of this riveting discussion, you'll find yourself with more questions, a renewed curiosity, and an eagerness to continue exploring these modern-day finance conundrums. So, are you ready to challenge the status quo of the banking world?

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