Show Notes

Can we truly revolutionize the water industry? Join us for a captivating discussion with Riggs Eckelberry, a nationally renowned entrepreneur with a mission to transform the way we manage, treat, and appreciate water. In this conversation, Riggs shares his journey from the high tech world to the water industry, revealing the challenges he faced and the importance of disrupting an industry unprepared for change.

Together, we explore the psychology and spirituality of water, its preciousness, and why we often take it for granted. We also dive into the topics of decentralized water systems, population growth, and deglobalization and how these factors impact water treatment infrastructure. Riggs shares his insights on how businesses and large water consumers are investing in their own water treatment solutions, as well as the potential of tokenizing payouts to create a water marketplace.

Finally, we debate the effectiveness of the Biden infrastructure bill in addressing water infrastructure issues and the reality of the allocated funding. We discuss alternative solutions, like unburdening infrastructure and taking the load off remotely, and how the Gates Foundation is helping to convert sewage and develop clean water supplies in third-world countries. Don't miss this fascinating conversation on the future of the water industry and the importance of investing in this indispensable resource.

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