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Could the world of theater evolve in this digital age? Ponder this as award-winning American playwright Jack Canfora and I discuss the future of theater in a Netflix-dominated era. With Jack’s career highlights, favorite plays, and playwrights, this conversation unravels the magic of live theater like never before.

From Hamlet to modern plays by Arthur Miller, we cover a wide spectrum of theater's beautiful landscape, discussing the elements that truly make a play stand out. Tasting the richness of live theater, we delve into its power to form a sense of community, discussing how it surpasses the experience of merely reading plays in school. We also consider how the digital world has stirred up the ways we communicate and interact. In the midst of all this, we take some time to indulge in discussions about our favorite comfort foods and furniture, underscoring the simple pleasures of life.

As we navigate through the complexities of art funding, we examine the potential pitfalls of government sponsorship and the critical role of private organizations. We also mull over the challenges of sustaining a theatre season. Jack provides insights into the way New Normal Rep is incorporating fresh voices and stories reflective of the audience's life into their productions. And then, we touch upon the profound—exploring the impact of tragedy and human behavior on his playwriting, particularly his play inspired by the events of 9/11. Listen in as we explore the world of theater, its challenges and triumphs, and the incredible power of storytelling.

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