Show Notes

Ever questioned how invisible double standards within our culture could be affecting you? Brace yourself for a riveting conversation that exposes those subtle, yet powerful norms that often go unnoticed, but when spotted, can trigger feelings of frustration and unfairness. From our homes to our workplaces, and more surprisingly, within our legal system, these norms are deeply etched, waiting to be challenged.

What if we told you that these very double standards could be the barriers preventing unity and mutual respect? We journey through the complexities of differing perspectives, unfolding how being more understanding and kind can erode these divisions. You will begin to see the impact of these standards, how they shape our relationships and create an environment of unconscious bias. We uncover how even a seemingly harmless comment can perpetuate double standards, leading to feelings of disrespect and exclusion.

Finally, in an era where technology is ever-present, we dare to ask: could artificial intelligence be perpetuating bias and unfairness? We touch the surface of this critical issue, contemplating our own biases and the role of pride in maintaining our convictions, even when proven wrong. At the end of this compelling episode, we hope to inspire reflective conversations about these norms and the effects they have on our relationships and our culture. Join us, as we challenge these standards, and together, let's ignite a change.

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