Show Notes

Do you ever ponder the societal and cultural impacts of sex and sexuality? In this week's episode Rauel and  Antowan tumble down that rabbit-hole together. They confront various beliefs and perceptions, specifically addressing the misconception of promiscuity within the African American community. In the process, we unravel the intertwined threads of primal instincts, societal assumptions, and personal responsibility regarding sex, even drawing parallels with a biblical tale of a temple brothel.

As we delve deeper, we explore the intricate relationship of sexuality with religion and the challenges posed by our lustful temptations. We reflect on the consequences of a disrupted family structure and how it fosters a lack of understanding and education. Turning our lens towards the church's role in society, we find a scenario worth contemplating; has it become a networking platform instead of a space for worship? While we delve into sensitive subjects like generational rape, we emphasize the importance of teaching the truth about Jesus and the potential it holds to bring about change.

Lastly, we discuss profound issues like poverty, inequality, and the need for compassion. We highlight the story of a single mother and the many hurdles she faces, underscoring that with the right resources, education, and much-needed compassion, the cycle of poverty and despair can be broken. Remember, these discussions are not about passing judgment but understanding the complexities of life. Join us on this journey of exploration and find a fresh perspective on these pressing issues.

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