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Expand your Frame of Reference

"Frame of Reference" is a conversational style show with local experts about issues with global significance.  I’m, at heart, a “theatre person”. I was drawn to theatre in Junior High School and studied it long enough to get a Master of Fine Arts in Stage Direction. It’s the one thing that I’m REALLY passionate about it because as Shakespeare noted, “all the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players”. 

Think about the universality of that line for just a moment. Think about the types of “theatre” that play out around us every day in today’s world. The dramatic, the comedic, the absurd, the existential, the gorilla theatre (it’s a thing, look it up) that is pumped into our Smart Phones, TV’s, Radios, and PC’s every minute of every day. 

Think about the tremendous forces that “play” upon us - trying to first discover, then channel, feed, nurture, and finally harvest our will power and biases to move forward the agendas of leaders we will likely never meet.  Think of all these forces (behind the scenes of course) and how they use the basic tools of theatre to work their “magic” on the course of humanity. Emotionally charged content matched to carefully measured and controlled presentations. 

With that in mind (and to hopefully counter, in some small way, the more insidious agendas), I bring you Frame of Reference, where the voices of our local leadership can share their passion on why and how they are leaders in the community.  Real players with real roles in a world of real problems.  No special effects, no hidden agenda, just the facts and anecdotes that make a leader.  

Special thanks to my wife Ann and my two children Elisabeth and Josiah for continually teaching what leadership SHOULD look like.