Show Notes

I'm a big fan of Star Trek and anyone that's a fan of that show knows that Matter / Anttimatter is at the heart of the Enterprise's warp engines.  The energy released by the combining of those two elements provides the energy to drive starships to the ends of the galaxy and beyond.  Here's the thing though.  That process involves the obliteration and annihilation of both parts in a reaction that makes a thermo-nuclear bomb look like a pop-rock. 

I use that as an analogy to what's going on with today's culture wars and the power brokers that seek to pit all of us against one another by urging us to "other-ize" each other into being either Woke or Anti-woke.  There's no discussion, there's no listening, there's no thinking about what the other might be trying to defend or encourage or explain.  There is only obliteration of the other.  No control of the action and reaction, only annihilation.  If only we could find a way to focus those two disparate entities (anybody got any dilithium laying around?) into a controlled reaction, we might actually be able to propel our entire nation forward.  But first, I think, we need to understand the "physics" of what's going on in our engine.  That's the foundation of this episode.

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