Show Notes

This week after we started out meandering around the topic of how to manipulate the masses with numbers and the irresponsible use of statistics (one of MY favorite topics).  Then, eventually, Antowan and I finally got around to talking about clothing, which is the topic of this podcast.  Clothing choices we make can say a LOT about who we are and what we want our appearance to others to convey .  What we wear says as much about us as it does about the people around us.  Whether it's a certain type of hat, worn in a certain way, or a worn out flannel shirt that feels like an old friend, clothes say a lot about us.  They help protect us from the elements and help us belong to the worlds around us.  So we wanted to talk about it a bit, and I really wanted to get the scoop on Church Lady hats.

Hope you enjoy our light hearted and informative discussion about threads, styles, and how to be a fantastic fashionista like Antowan and I.  And if you believe that, I have some swamp land in Missouri that I'd like to sell you.  :)

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