Show Notes

Back in 2019, I got the "crazy" idea of interviewing kids from one of our local schools and asking them about the things that they knew about Thanksgiving.  Questions about why we celebrate it, what they're thankful for, their favorite thing to eat or do, and my personal favorite, what they are NOT thankful for.  As you can imagine the answers were poignant, funny, and "unfiltered".  This episode originally aired on 99.7 max FM on Thanksgiving day in 2019, but due to time constraints, we had to edit out a significant number of the responses.  So we went back to the vault (well actually Mike Ganger did - for whom I am VERY Thankful) and collected ALL of the responses for all to hear.  Hopefully you can listen and be prompted to spend some time thinking about the things for which YOU are thankful, as well as get a new Frame of Reference for this Quintessential American Holiday.

Merrimac Community School offers place-based education to enhance the learning experience. The education of students is integrated in home, neighborhood and community settings. A multi-age delivery encourages creativity, originality and natural development of leadership skills and is presented in a manner that best suits the abilities of each student. 

Special thanks to Jenna McCann for helping to put this group of participants all together.

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