Show Notes

As I conducted this interview back in November of 2023 I imagined myself in a French cafe with the aroma of freshly baked croissants and the warmth of steeped tea filled the room, Simina Gentry, the spirited founder of Atlantic Children’s clothing company, joined me for a candid discussion that traversed the simple joys of life, the depths of art, and the intricate tapestry of culture. Our conversation danced through the comforting flavors of Samina's vegan chicken soup, to her reverence for George Washington, a fascination kindled by the book "The Man from Mount Vernon." Her insights remind us that the richness of history and the savoring of life's small delights are threads woven into the fabric of our individual worldviews.

Art, with its power to invoke a spectrum of emotions, often reflects the most authentic expressions of human experience — a theme we unraveled together. The works of romantic era composers served as a backdrop to our musings, illustrating how music can be a vessel for time travel, carrying us to moments steeped in nostalgia. We pondered the artist's intent behind evocative pieces that challenge the viewer, questioning if the discomfort stirred is a deliberate provocation or an unintentional consequence of truth in creation.

Beyond the palette of sensory and emotional reflections, Simina and I delved into her venture that intertwines commerce with cultural exchange. Her enthusiasm for education and connection shines as she discusses her European store, a gateway to transatlantic experiences. We unfurled the allure of European products, from their style to manufacturing standards, and the desire to enrich American lives with the essence of European tradition. As we wrapped up our exchange, the air was thick with gratitude—not just for the exchange of ideas, but for the promise of future dialogues that would continue to explore, enlighten, and connect.

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