Show Notes

Have you ever been thrown a curveball in life and wondered how to knock it out of the park? Join me, Rauel Labrèche, as I engage in a heartwarming and enlightening conversation with Mike Coy, a man whose life epitomizes turning trials into triumphs. From swinging bats to shaping futures, Mike's journey from an aspiring baseball player to a financial planner with a zealous commitment to mentorship unfolds. You'll be let in on our personal banter during a rousing round of 'my favorite things,' bringing a touch of humor and relatability that invites you to see the person behind the achievements.

The winds of change often carry a mix of adversity and revelation, and I get candid about my personal battles during the COVID-19 pandemic and a grueling cancer diagnosis. This part of our dialogue is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, as I share what it means to embrace gratitude and purpose in trying times. We traverse the emotional landscapes of nostalgia, health scares, and the rebirth of one's zest for life, providing a sanctuary of solace and inspiration for anyone facing their own struggles.

As the final inning of our discussion arrives, we hone in on the profound effects of mentorship and leadership, drawing wisdom from none other than Abraham Lincoln. Through stories of coaching on the baseball field and mentoring in the prison ministry, we reflect on the pivotal role of choice and informed decision-making. Whether you're battling your own inner demons, inspiring others to reach their potential, or simply seeking a dose of encouragement, this episode is your playbook for navigating life's pitches with a winning mindset.

Thanks for listening. Please check out our website at www.forsauk.com to hear great conversations on topics that need to be talked about. In these times of intense polarization we all need to find time to expand our Frame of Reference.

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