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Back in 2014-15 I was lucky enough to become acquainted with a unique and wonderful experience available to Sauk County residents  (and beyond) called SCIL. SCIL stands for Sauk County Institute of Leadership.  Not only was it personally rewarding in so many ways,but it has brought me into close contact with my two guests on this program.  For the last several years we have all worked together with the SCIL board to re-imagine SCIL's curriculum.  Jenny and Morgan have carried the lion's share of that effort.

Jenny Erickson is a Professor and Community Development Educator with the UW Madison-Extension in Sauk County. She collaborates with community partners to identify educational needs, develop and implement research-based programs that address local issues. She works to build the capacity of individuals, and organizations to reach their goals by designing tailored processes that integrate education and facilitation.  Her educational programming focuses organizational and leadership development. She earned her bachelor and master’s degrees in natural sciences from UW-Madison.

Morgan McArthur’s career path has been winding, unconventional and rewarding.  He has practiced as a large animal veterinarian in Idaho, mending cattle and horses for 15 years.  Was Research & Development Manager at a New Zealand pharmaceutical company for a decade. As if that wasn't enough he has also given keynote/motivational speeches to audiences as small as three people to three thousand and has found a creative niche as a lettering/pinstriping artist.   SCIL is one way in which he has enjoyed giving back to his home county as a UW-Madison Extension educator for five years.

 Morgan is a co-facilitator in the Sauk County Institute of Leadership (SCIL) program, where participants learn more about themselves, learn a lot about the county and learn leadership skills. He’s also very involved with public art in his hometown of Baraboo. At this stage of his career Morgan knows it’s important to give back to the community and he brings enthusiasm to that mission.

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