Show Notes

If you are ever feeling like you need a person in your life that will help you REACH for all that you can be . . . Cliff Thompson is someone you'll want to get to know.  Join us for an inspirational discussion about the challenges that face today's professional educators and the lessons he has learned over his career that shaped how teaches, coaches and has led other educators.

Dr. Cliff Thompson’s career spans more than 40 years as an elementary and high school teacher in one of Milwaukee’s best Parochial schools as well as a Principal, Activities Director, and most recently the Superintendent of Sauk Prairie’s School District from 2012- to 2019.  During his final year (before a well deserved commencement to the next chapter in his life)  he served as the Senior Advisor to the Superintendent and School Board as he transitioned into retirement during the 2019-20 school year.

Cliff’s attitude and character is reflected in the comments he made at a local gathering that commemorated this year’s retiring staff members.  “It has been an honor and privilege to lead, teach and serve in the Sauk Prairie School District and for Cindy and I to live and raise our family in the community.”

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