Show Notes

When I was a kid, I remember hearing the phrase "music hath charms to sooth the savage beast".  It was used as a plot devise where a hero, in the midst of a dangerous situation, (usually involving their imminent death from becoming dinner for a lion) would magically produce a flute or some other instrument and put said lion to sleep on the spot.  It was funny, but there is SOME truth in that concept.  Music does calm us down, fire us up, inspire us and at its best, bring us together.  In the midst of great music played by great musicians, those of us blessed by bearing witness to it, are joined together in ways that are deeply moving.

This week, Antoine and I talk about music in our lives.  We explore the different styles of music that have been a part of our lives and probe the power and possibilities of using music to bring us together.  Perhaps it can be a tool in breaking down prejudices and be a muse that moves us to listen to our better angels. And a one and a two, hit it maestro.

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