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Frankly I don't get it.  Why do we make it so hard to vote?  Supposedly it's to prevent cheating but . . . has anyone out there ever talked with the folks that actually count the votes?  The system is so well protected, that in order to succeed with any meaningful amount of cheating, It would require a LOT of money AND a lot of corruption.  And if such corruption really does exist, if there are ways to flip votes and change the will of voters that are "asleep at the switch" then our process of voting is as pointless as Charlie Brown trying to kick that football, hoping that this time Lucy will let us.  

Get ready to have divisive rhetoric like "Take back the greatest democracy in the world" or "stop the facists demogagues that want to steal your vote" thrown around like  frisbees in 2024.  Politicians will get us all hyped up to get up, go out and VOTE.  And then, of course, somebody will win, but then again somebody will have to also lose and then all heck will break out because . . . people don't LIKE to lose.  Everyone wants a participation award.  Or they can't BELIEVE that people wouldn't vote for them so . . . it must be rigged!  

Balogna.  I call it balogna.  Hundreds of thousands of people have given up their lives to fight for our freedoms and rights including the right to vote.  Can we just stop this nonsense and honor their sacrifice? Instead of sullying it with petty loser-ship.  So this week Antoine and I are talking about WHY it's so hard to vote and WHY it's so important that we all fight to make sure EVERYONE that can, actually does ... vote.  It's critical that everyone in this country gets the chance to cast their vote and even more critical that we focus on the simple fact that everyone has a stake in it, and only one person can win.  If it'not the person WE wanted, then try again.  Calling foul, because you lost is NOT something that will make America great again.  When I was a kid that was called being a sore loser and people were ashamed of behavior like that.  What happened?

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