Show Notes

In honor of Mother's Day, Antowan and I decided to just talk about moms.  We share memories of them and how they impacted our lives (both our moms are gone now). More importantly we talked about the importance of mom's in every family and about how the absence of mom's in their son's lives is life altering.  This is our heart-felt tribute to them and a testimony to how important our time with our mom's was as well as how important those memories have become with each passing year.  

To every son and daughter listening, remember that eventually your mom will be gone and we are all left with only memories.  Make them good ones.

So as we get closer to this "hallmark holiday," we hope you'll join us in our quiet celebration of the women that bring us allinto this world in great pain, and then seek to help us to cope with the pain and joy, that is life itself.  Mom's have a tough job, no two ways about it.  Even if your's wasn't the best at it, she's STILL your only mom.

Thanks for listening. Please check out our website at www.forsauk.com to hear great conversations on topics that need to be talked about. There's always time to expand your Frame of Reference.

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