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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and financial savvy with the inimitable Anwal Singh as we kick off the new season with resolutions and revelations. Prepare to challenge your biases and fine-tune your investment strategies as we dissect the importance of data in guiding our decisions and the role of emotional self-awareness in managing portfolios. Anmol’s expertise shines as he shares his passion for Algorand's groundbreaking NFT applications, teasing the endless potential of this nascent technology.

As we wade through the frontiers of AI, from Virtu Financial's algorithmic triumphs to the quirky charm of ChatGPT, the conversation takes a personal turn, reminiscing about parrots and the unmatched solace of New York pizza paired with Tesla's own Cyber Beer. This spirited exchange bridges the gap between AI's capacity to shape our future and the simple pleasures that ground us. But we don't stop at leisurely chat; we probe deeper into the systematic "seven levels of why" philosophy to illuminate the core of our aspirations and behaviors.

Finally, we navigate the murky waters of market predictions, offering a beacon of strategy for investing during downturns, and juxtapose the eternal pursuit of wealth with the paramount necessity of health. As a parting gift, I'm thrilled to announce the availability of my latest work, "Prepping for Success," now adorning the shelves of your favorite retailers, promising to be an essential companion in your quest for triumph. Join us for an episode that's as much a guide for the mind as it is a feast for the soul.

Thanks for listening. Please check out our website at www.forsauk.com to hear great conversations on topics that need to be talked about. In these times of intense polarization we all need to find time to expand our Frame of Reference.

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