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This is one of those interviews that I've been talking about doing for about 4 years now and just never have gotten around to it.  Well the stars aligned just right and now it's in the can.  When I met Kory over 5 years ago, I thought to myself "Now here's an interesting guy, can't wait to find out more about him".  So why did it take me so long to get this interview done?  Well for one thing I am a SERIOUS procrastinator.  Just ask my wife and she will point to the five million, three hundred and six thousand, four hundred and twenty-eight projects that I've started and never finished if you want a better Frame of Reference.  Suffice it to say that BOTH Kory and I are pretty busy doing urgent stuff so getting IMPORTANT stuff done is pretty hard.  BUT here it is.  In this interview, Kory and I go all the way back to his teen years in Iron River Michigan and trace his roots as a radio personality as well as his fascination with storms and a realization that modern technology could allow tracking of them to be done in a way that could and would save lives.  It's a fascinating story filled with Kory's great sense of humor and inside the studio anecdotes.

Kory Hartman started storm chasing in 1997 and created SevereStudios in 2006.  SevereStudios.com has become the leading storm chaser live streaming platform and online source for extreme weather news.  Kory coordinates, dispatches, and represents a team of over 60 professional storm chasers who cover severe weather for local television stations and national networks such as The Weather Channel and CNN. Kory and his team chase and cover tornados, floods, blizzards, fires, and every kind of storm, but tornado chasing and forecasting is definitely their specialty. They do this year-round and there is never a dull day on the job.
 Kory worked directly for The Weather Channel for almost 2 years before going back to his original love, radio, in 2017 when he purchased Baraboo Broadcasting Corp.  BBC includes an AM/FM radio station ("99.7 MAX FM"), an online certificate store ("MAX FM Big Deals"), a low-power television station ("TV43"), two cable channels, a bi-monthly newspaper ("The Express"), and a digital marketing division.  Baraboo Broadcasting promotes Wisconsin's vacationland of Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo, Reedsburg, Portage, and Sauk City.  They bring awareness to the area's attractions, both natural and man-made, and support local businesses, non-profit organizations, and schools.

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