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If you want to get a super charge of hope and faith in something bigger than yourself, sit down and talk with Antowan Hallmon for an hour or so (Even just 20 minutes if you're rushed for time).  He is sincerely one of the kindest and most gracious people I have ever met.  He is also genuinely interested in knowing people and finding ways to care for them and meeting their needs whenever possible.  He also just happens to be a Christian Pastor of the FaithWorks ministries in Baraboo Wisconsin.  FaithWorks is a 100% virtual, non-denominational church and if you listen to our conversation, you'll find out what that means and how a kid that grew up in taverns ended up becoming an on-fire minister.  A minister that tries to just get people to focus on Jesus Christ and getting to know Him, then getting out of the way of Christ's work in those people.  It's not about church, it's about a person and getting to know Him.

Antowan J. Hallmon Sr is the Founder and Senior Pastor of FaithWorks Ministries (FWM) in Baraboo, WI.  Pastor Antowan was born in Chicago, IL.  He grew up between Chicago, IL, Lakeland, FL, and Madison, WI.    Pastor Antowan has 25+ years of restaurant/service industry experience and has managed restaurants across the country in Boston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Madison, WI.

In 2008 Pastor Antowan gave his life to Jesus Christ after a life changing accident, and in 2011 dedicated his life to ministry.  He learned ministry and God granted him tremendous spiritual growth under the spiritual leadership of his spiritual father Pastor Matt Fearson at Hope Through Christ Ministries. 

If you want to check out Pastor Hallmon's Sunday services you can find the live link for Sunday morning's at 10am here: Calendar - FaithWorks Ministries (fwministries.com)

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