Show Notes

I welcome back Dr. McAuliffe to talk about his work within Sauk County and beyond to help people that have been caught in the dark web of opiate addiction.  As a physician he is acutely aware of the toll addictions take on people's lives and how difficult it is to recover.  We discuss in depth the nature of addictions and how to help pull someone you love and care for out of this condition.  His insights and explanations of how we are "wired" and how addiction corrupts that wiring is both illuminating and challenging.  At the core of it all is his compassion and kindness for those people that he treats in addiction recovery.  He understands the devastation it causes and seeks to be a lifeline to those that will grab what he can offer.

When he was 11 years old, McAuliffe knew he wanted to be a doctor. He was always  nurturing his many pets. Today, you can see his compassion in the empowering respect he has for patients. "The patient should be in control of his healthcare-not the physician," he says. As medical director of Sauk Prairie Memorial Hospital, McAuliffe also helps with administrative concerns in healthcare, which impacts patients directly. "It has always been my passion to do everything I can to make a difference. I have no plans to retire; it's a privilege to help people," he says.

"It's not where you are in the process of change that matters. It's the direction that you're looking that counts. Take one step at a time, and recognize your small successes," says McAuliffe.

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