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Art ? the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.? As I read that definition of today?s subject matter I am perplexed by two questions:?

  1. Given that Art allows us to express or apply something that is so uniquely human - why isn't everyone encouraged to explore their individual creativity?? I mean, isn't that as important as 2 + 2?
  2. Given that Art produces works of beauty and/or emotional power - shouldn't we be more careful about who uses it and for what purpose?

I look around at the myriad of Art mediums and the content expressed and at times I just feel overwhelmed.? Mainly because I see so much irresponsibility in the way the "vocabulary" of Art is used by folks that use it to accomplish an agenda that pits us against one another instead of uniting us. But that's because I'm an idealist and want Art to be used for its higher purposes of liberation and inspiration of our souls instead of as a tool to manipulate and influence our base instincts.?

Area residents may know Lindsey Giese as the Executive Director of River Arts Inc, a non-profit arts organization in Prairie du Sac, but prior to this role, she was the lead singer for Holland America and Celebrity Cruises.

She holds 2 Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Music Theatre and Arts Administration and currently tours the Midwest with The Dang-Its in a review show entitled ?Sweet Dreams and Honky Tonks.?

She is also a board member for the Sauk Prairie Area Chamber of Commerce and Friends of the Great Sauk State Trail.

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